A good life

Quannah and I met when he was 3 months old. His owners wife , who worked with me stopped by work in tears. her husband was comming home drunk and now instead of hitting her , he was beating their new puppy. She wanted to borrow the money to take him to the shelter. But when I walked over to her car and looked at him. . . well what can I say ? For the next ten years he was my closest friend and constant companion. Hiking, camping and just going for walks together. He grew into an awesome guy. Easily going through the AKC good citizen trial . He never met a stranger, loved everyone . Pretty amazing considering his rough start. Sadly he paased away a year ago November from Auto Immune Hemolitic Anemia At 10 years old . I just hope I gave him the life he deserved. I can't measure all he gave me,just by being part of my life.
Robert Allan
Milton Freewater, OR