A little pup in a big dog!

My husband and I had talked about adopting a dog and began the search to find the "one" to join our family. While looking at so many dogs who needed homes, we came upon the add for Ollie, a two year old mutt. It was the week of Thanksgiving and he was being housed in a pound in Ohio who was set to put him down two days before Thanksgiving. My husband & I could not let this "little big" guy down and we started the adoption process immediately. Since we live in Illinois, he was transferred through a shelter to IL and after a day of medical treatment he was ours. My husband brought him home and he was underweight, so incredibly scared, didn't like or know how to walk on a leash, was terrified of stairs and of people rushing him or coming to him from above. After much love, patience and companionship this guy turned around. We took him to training classes, which he absolutely adored and excelled in. He even earned high scoring duo with my husband at his exam. Soon he will be going back to training for the next level and agility training which he loved when he was given the chance to explore. He's a wonderful guy and has come along away from where he once was. We had a little baby join our family and he has been her mother hen of sorts and I know they will be best buddies for life. She loves her doggie and he loves her. Ollie just needed a chance, a family with some patience and a willing to work with him to conquer his obstacles... he's our goofball and lovable guy who brings much joy to our lives.
Chicago, IL