A Message from Bubba

March 30, 2009 I had to put my 16 year old cat, Bubba, down due to age related illness. He wasn't my first loss, but my hardest. I still had two other cats at home, including his best bud, Peek-A-Boo. June 21st, Father's Day 2009, I heard a meowing at the neighbor's back door and saw a little Grey cat howling to get in. Made a phone call to the local police to take the cat) and the the dispatched officer and I both went and asked the neighbor if it was hers. She said/denied it being hers, so the officer took the cat to his car. Cat wasn't having it and ran back to me and I ended up getting her into the car. Soon after, I am back in my bedroom with my two cats when I hear a sharp howl coming from the hallway closet. There was no mistaking who's howl it was because both cats became upset and reacted the same way (crouched/took to hiding) as the day they sniffed out his body after his passing. The howl WAS Bubba. Looked around, there were no other cats .. it WAS the spirit of Bubba. Fast forward to 6 weeks later and a call to the local shelter to see if the cat I had turned over to the police was still there. Dropped everything I was doing and adopted and brought her home. I still grieve for Bubba all the time, but I do believe he brought her to me to ease the loss.
Oak Park, IL