A New Love

Last December, our Australian Cattle Dog Roxy was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She required overnight care at the vet's office for a few days. Tommy Pickles, a tiny orange tabby cat, was abandoned at the vet's office in a cardboard box. He and his litter mates were looking for forever homes. While I was visiting Roxy, I fell in love with this little runt. After careful deliberation, I adopted my first kitten. Two weeks later, Roxy was diagnosed with cancer and we had to put her down. It was one of the hardest moments of my life, but I have no doubt that Roxy brought Tommy and me together so he could help our family though that difficult time. Indeed, he proved fantastic comic relief and he is the sweetest little boy. This is Tommy's first picture, and Roxy's last, and one that will always be cherished.
Orlando, FL