A Pretty Boring Rescue Story

Many of these wonderful stories of animal adoptions are quite dramatic and exciting, but here is the story of adoptions that is quiet but still wonderful. My Mother and I took in a stray who turned out to be pregnant. We named her Snowy and were absolutely enthralled with when her three kittens were born….2 boys and a girl. We found a home for the 2 boys to go to together, but we just couldn’t give up the girl, Susie. We absolutely adored her! That is her photo I submitted with this story. One and half years later, a young white cat showed up on our porch. We and our neighbors fed feral cats (and a few squirrels, racoons, groundhogs and skunks too) on our porches. Eventually, we realized the young cat was pregnant and after awhile, she showed up with milk in her breasts. She had her kittens in an old abandoned house out in the woods near where we lived. Finally, she showed up with four kittens, 3 boys and a girl. It was time for them to have solid food and she knew just where to get it for them! We found a home for one of the males, but sadly, the mother cat and the female kitten eventually disappeared. That left the remaining two boys. Well, they were sweet, loving babies who enjoyed being picked up and held. And, yes, they joined my Mother, myself and Susie in our home. Susie adored them and washed them so much we were afraid she would make them bald! Considering all the dangers outside, (Susie’s mother, Snowy eventually disappeared) neither Susie nor Billy and Moe were allowed outside. But they are happy and content to be indoor kitties Not an exciting rescue, but still a good one!
San Diego, CA