A Puppy Called Nora

I was working as a teacher up in Northern Ontario. The community I was in, like most communities had a major dog problem. I adopted this little girl when she want more than 8 weeks old. I had no idea how to take care of a dog, how to train a dog, nothing. But I couldn't bear to let them kill her, which is sadly the common practice there as there is no vet to fix the animals. After the first part of the school year (Sept to Dec) I took her out of the community I was in, and my aunt started to look after her. We sort of figured out she was a mix of a husky and a long haired weenier dog. It wasnt long before my aunts dad fell in love with Nora. I didn't want to put the dog through any more flights or long drives to my new job, and she loved her new place. It was best for all people involved. As my Aunts father had lost his dog during the treatments he (the human) was receiving for cancer. In all Nora found a loving home and is a spoiled little thing now.
Thunder Bay, Canada