A rescued cat helped save my life

Even with love and support, I had felt like I had failed at life. Smudge helped me find peace and clarity. She showed me how to take my negative revolutions and turn them into a positive evolution. Thank you for your passion to understand and share your knowledge about an independent but nurturing creature of our pure and primal Mother Nature. Your show "My Cat From Hell" truly resonated with me, even though when I discovered the show I wasn't ready to confront and learn from my deepest fears. What would have been my "make it or break it" moment was this past year, 2015. Life finally hit me with the perfect storm of compacted problems that could have broken me down completely. I promised myself that I would try to adopt a cat after the New Year. I'm so glad that I followed through. Thanks to you and your work, I get to enjoy the New Year.
Torrance, CA