A scared Hazel Rain

After loosing my beautiful Mishu i was looking for another kitty. I knew i wanted to save the kitty that needed me most. I wanted another Maine Coon since i feel in love with the breed after i had Mishu. I went online to see what kitties i could find to adopt. I fell in love with my dream cat but the foster mother last minute decided to keep him. So back to searching for that special one that once i saw the picture something would click in my heart. After sorting i came upon a picture of a black Maine Coon that looked so scared that my heart stuttered. I knew she was the one! Trixie D was her name, I inquired right away and filled the application. I spent the week emailing back and forth with the agency.I was approved! I was so happy and i went to NY city to pick her up. I was told that as a kitten she was front paw declawed and when she hissed at family they took her to a shelter and declared her stray to not pay shelter fees. She was traumatized by other animals and i believe she was hit(if i lift my hand to pet she cowers,hisses). She was separated and put in her own cage alone and lived for a year in a cage no love or attention. She was deemed ORANGE by shelter because she bites and hisses and refuses touch and cowers in a corner.She was to be euthanized when Zanies came to her rescue.She's only 11/2 yr. She then was sent to a foster and she was again isolated for her hate of other animals. She came home with me and at first friendly but then when i went to pick her up she lost it.Letting her be for a week to acclimate and wk 2 i blocked all hiding spaces and forced her into the open.She is now a free happy cat still wary bitty & hissy at times,but blossomed into a beautiful girl who was never given a chance at love.
Kathleen J
Westchester, NY