A Striped Tigress and Mutual Salvation

My mother cares for many animals. While I was visiting her, she said, "There's a soft grey kitten around here who I've been feeding." Sure enough, there was a lovely, tiny kitten, living under my mother's outdoor shed, afraid to come out or interact with people. I spent lots of time sitting near her and talking to her, and eventually she came out and played and let me touch her gently whilst she sipped milk and nibbled her kitten kibble. When I left to go home, Bridget climbed into my hand and came right along. She has been with me for more than a year now. She entered my life when I was having a sad, difficult time, and she helped to dry my tears. She has since been my companion and playmate, guardian and caretaker, and when she's sleeping, curled up next to one of her favourite toys, an example to me of life's beauty. I am not sure who rescued who. I think it was a case of mutual salvation.
San Antonio, TX