Abandoned cat needs home

Hi All cat lovers I am an owner of 4 cats; 2 from the shelter & 2 that were abandoned on the street so with 4, that do not always get along I cannot take in Ronnie. I was contacted by a friend that Ronnie's owner got a new dog that is not getting along with the cat. Although he's been a loyal cat for 7 years the dog wins out. 😰😰 He is neutered & declawed & lives in Staten Island. They say they have tried to find a shelter to take him but none will and they are going to have him put to sleep. My heart breaks for this cat & my anger for these people that I have never met is consuming. Its cruel & heartless & I am trying to find a shelter that will take him or a loving home. If anyone knows of a home near NY, NJ or PA I will bring him there. I have 2 other pics but he is cute in all of them. You can email me at shereoth@aol.com if u can help. Thanks to all of u animal lovers & animal rights believers.
Toms River, NJ