Adopting Doodlebug

Doodlebug's picture was in our local paper. She was a beagle/hound mix at the shelter, having been turned in by her owner and was ready for adoption. Something told me that she was meant to be part of our family. Doodlebug was a little shy and scared the day I picked her up from the shelter. I don't know how anyone could have turned in such a sweet and loving dog, but I'm thankful they did. Her first night with us, she jumped on our bed and curled up to the end and slept there the entire night! Now she sleeps on her very own queen size bed! She loves spending her days with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) while we are at work and playing with her big cousin Man, a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix. Doodlebug has very good house manners, especially at supper time! She sits and patiently waits, never making a sound and just giving a gentle paw on the leg every now and then until she gets what she wants! She's also a great watch dog, always alerting us to the slightest sound or movement with her hound dog bark! She's just a happy girl who loves everyone she meets! I would encourage everyone to consider adopting a dog from your local shelter. I know how wonderful they can be. Doodlebug has become a very important part of our family. My husband and I can't imagine life without her!
Beth Briley
Harkers Island, NC