All creatures great and small

So many dogs and cats need home but they are not alone. I tell people about our house full of pets, dogs, cats and rats and then mention they are all rescues and they say "Rats???" Yup rats rescues too. They were used to train dogs for ground dog or barn hunt and were going to be snake food when that was done. Nothing against snakes but they can be often taught to take pre-killed frozen which is safer for the snake as well and snakes in question did take the frozen. Hubby heard of their destiny and had pet rats as child and would have none of it. So 6 rats joined the family too. Rats are amazing pets, smart, friendly, playful, affectionate and easy to take care of. The one in picture is named one one eight, our joke from sci-fi show with character named one one seven and was an experiment. The cat is Monster. It is so heart warming seeing our family together, different species but accept each other as siblings. Rabbits, birds, skunk, guinea pigs have at times shared our home as well. I know we can not save them all, there just is not time or room. Can not think of ones that were not saved though love of the ones that were is what matters.
Brewster, OH