Amazing Story of Survival in Alaska Wilderness

This is Kodiak, aka, Kody. He is 12 years old and partially blind and has arthritis. On July 13, 2016, while enjoying a beautiful day at an Alaskan river with his family, the riverbank gave way and Kody was swept into a very rapid and high-rising river. His owner watched in horror as the river swept him away. She tried to save him but the river was too fast. She even searched for him the next day from an airplane but could not find him. She went home and posted her story on Facebook. Two weeks later, as my husband and I were leaving for work, we saw a dog in the middle of a busy road. We are both huge animal lovers so we stopped and got him into our van and took him back to our home. He was near death. He was so skinny, had injuries to his hind legs, and very weak. My husband, Dave, fed him and gave him water while I posted his picture on a Facebook page dedicated to lost and found pets in our area. Turns out this was the same page his owner had reported him lost. Within 30 minutes, Facebook users had connected us and I was on the phone with his happy and very surprised owner, Alex. They were reunited yesterday at the vet's office. Kody has lost almost 20 pounds but is expected to make a full recovery. It is a true miracle that he survived for 2 weeks in the woods of Alaska, especially given his age and medical issues. Rescuing Kody and reuniting him with Alex is an experience we will never forget!
Annette Blair
Palmer, AK