Amy's Story

I grew up with cats, but hadn't had one since I moved out of my childhood home. Once I settled down in a home of my own, I knew it was time to bring a kitty back into my life. My father called me because he knew a breeder near him who had become ill and needed to find homes for her cats. I drove 5 hours to my dad’s house when I heard about Amy. When I first met Amy, she shared an outdoor dog crate with a male cat who relentlessly attacked her. She was four years old - a small, beautiful, blue-eyed Balinese. I took her out of the crate and she seemed relieved, like she knew I was there to help her. I fell instantly in love. That night, Amy slept with me, and the next morning spent the next 5 hours in my lap as we drove home. The second day Amy ran around the house with joyous abandon. Having never been let out of her cage, her back legs were slightly twisted. She was overjoyed with her new found freedom. A couple weeks later, I came home to Amy screaming and panting. I called the emergency vet line and spent the entire night on the bathroom floor with her while she miscarried her kittens. We survived the night and were inseparable from that day on. Amy was the most loving and playful cat I had ever had. Whenever she had an audience she used to put on little shows for us by throwing her toys and chasing after them. She developed quite the personality. She was my constant companion, and I made sure she never again saw the inside of a cage. I was fortunate enough to have her in my life for 12 years, and although she’s no longer with me, she still lives in my heart and I miss her everyday. Amy was with me through many difficult times. I know I rescued her, but she rescued me many times in return.
Pasadena, CA