An abandoned kitten called "Potatoe"

In August 2013, my friend called us to say that his dogs had found a kitten abandoned by its' mother in his backyard and would we be interested in adopting it. I drove over and picked up a cardboard box with this tiny tortoiseshell kitten that was about 4 weeks old and covered in dog slobber. On the drive home she never made a sound. She just stared at me intently with these little blue eyes. She promptly crawled out of the box and hid behind a bookcase when I brought her in. I coaxed her out and fed her some wet food and cleaned her up. The next day she had her first vet visit and, except for some fleas, she was in perfect health. I was going through some severe family/personal issues at the time and having this tiny little life to care for kept me from spiraling completely down the drain. No matter how depressed I was, she was dependent upon me to take care of her and I couldn't just stay in bed. I named her "Potatoe" (long story) and she bonded to me very hard and very fast. I was her whole world. She never left my side and she loved me unconditionally. She likes my wife and daughter just fine but when I hold her, she purrs so hard she starts to chirp. It's adorable! She is now 2 1/2 years old and the little blue eyes have changed to greenish yellow but I am still her whole world and she is mine. When I go to sleep she curls up in my lap and when I wake up she is laying next to me. I don't know who needed the other one more but I know neither of us would be here if we hadn't found each other.
David White
Corinth, TX