An unexpected angel

Tobi is a 12 year old lab mix that we adopted almost 2 years ago. He was a day away from being euthanized because his previous owners were in the middle of a nasty divorce and neither party could or wanted to keep him. I stumbled upon a desparate plea for a new home for him on a pet blog in a local newspaper and immediately felt a tug on my heart. We picked him up the same night from a long-faced 12 year old boy who was forced to be the mediator and give away his only pet while his parents were self-indulged in their own anger and bitterness toward each other. We first thought that we were the angels sent to save his life, but it turns out that Tobi has actually tought us more about being an angel than we ever knew. His sweet disposition, love and devotion has been a God-send and we will cherish our time with him forever.
The Nace-Jones Family
Red Lion, PA