An unexpected treasure, worth every cent I've paid in vet bills!

I'd lost my 15-year-old dog 7 months earlier & didn't want another pet, but found myself with a problem. There was a mouse in my house that was managing to avoid all the traps I'd put out. In addition to not wanting another pet, I just wasn't a cat person, but I'd deal with one in order to get rid of the mice..I'd been searching for a while when I happened to see a post from someone who wanted to get rid of a cat because she kept getting pregnant & they didn't want any more kittens. They said she was a good mouser. After a brief conversation we determined that she lived just a couple houses away & could bring the cat over within a few minutes. The cat I was given that night was sorely neglected. In addition to having had a couple litters of kittens even though she was just 18 months old, she had claws so long she couldn't even fully retract them, was used to eating dog food, and within a few days it became apparent she was seriously ill with asthma. She was also the sweetest, most loving cat I've ever met. From the time I get up in the morning until I leave for work & from the time I get home in the evening until I go to bed, she "talks" to me & wants to curl up on or next to me. Two months & $800 in vet bills later, Luna's doing much better. She's breathing better, is fixed, happy & just plain goofy! From the moment she had been placed in my arms, she'd been worming her way into my heart. She loves to make sure I know I'm loved by cuddling with me & following me everywhere I go. The second I sit up in bed, she's running toward me, meowing, so she doesn't miss out on one moment. I don't know what I'd do without my silly baby girl. (Oh, and she killed that mouse the first day I had her!)
Mayer, AZ