Angel Sent by God

I found Angel around the end of July 2014. We'd just lost my husband's black kitty Mischief to lymphoma and were discussing adopting a new kitty from a local shelter--my husband wanted me to pick it out this time because it'd been longer since my own kitty had passed; I decided I wanted a white kitten, something I hadn't had for ages. So one night not long after we had buried Mischief, while on my computer, I started hearing plaintive mews from out in my side yard. We have lots of visiting strays and one neighbor with his own cats, so I initially tuned it out. Some 20 minutes later, I realized the mewing was getting more distressed sounding, so I grabbed an umbrella and went out in the pouring rain to see if a kitten was stuck somewhere. What I found was a tiny, white kitten, no more than 3-4 weeks old, face-down in the wet grass, seemingly unable to get up, its feral mother sitting about 5 feet away looking completely detached and unconcerned. I picked up the kitten (because, seriously, what else could I do?) and took it inside, where my husband was waiting with a towel, and wrapped it up, rubbing it dry and keeping it held in my arms until it quieted down and fell asleep. Later, I discovered it was a female; I bottle-fed her, weaned her and litter-box-trained her. She's now used to being petted whenever she eats, is very purry and has no health problems, other than being overweight from me erring on the side of caution trying to be sure she got enough to eat after weaning. I don't think it's a coincidence that she is exactly the type of cat I was considering getting from the shelter, because this is the second time we have had a cat "sent" to us by God (yes, even my agnostic husband believes that). Proof of that is the fact that the little played-leg kitten face-down in the grass had fallen right in front of Mischief's grave! She's 1.5 years old here.
Gamin Davis
Springdale, AR