Archie from NY to WI

Archie was born in a puppy mill in Canada and sold to an 83 year old man in New York sight unseen. His dear neighbors quickly realized he was "too much dog" for an elderly man and took him under their wings. The family had other pets and decided to do the right thing in putting Archie up for adoption on the Beauceron (rare breed) rescue site. I had had another Beauceron for 12 years and they picked me to be his new mama. He was the love of my life and I spent numerous hours and dollars on making Archie a "good boy". He loved me and my mom, but was a bit standoffish to others. Beaucerons are VERY loyal to their owners. The family that had him met me and my best friend in Cleveland for the official adoption and from then he became by beloved Archie. Unfortunately, the story is sad...I only had Archie for 16 months, but they were the best 16 months anyone could offer a dog. His main compassion was spending numerous hours fetching soccer balls in the yard. He even broke my humerus bone as his leash wrapped around my ankles one snowy morning in April. He would sleep with his head tucked on my shoulder with his sad eyes saying he was sorry. Archie died in June of "08 of kidney and liver failure. There was NOTHING I could do, but I spent thousands of dollars to save his life. He forever sits on my shoulder as my Guardian Angel. He is buried looking over a beautiful lake in Northern Wisconsin where he loved to romp in the woods and wade in the water. He led a great life, albeit too short. Marianne Case Appleton, Wisconsin
Marianne Case
Appleton, WI