Armalite was a feral little girl. She stumbled into our store barely able to walk. I lifted her onto a display and fed her chicken out of my salad when she bit me. I had to take her to the vet to make sure she didn't have anything wrong with her. So I did. She weight 1 lb 9 oz. She was so tiny. She was 9 months old. You could see every bone in her body. She was covered in flea's. So I took her to the vet and she was fine. She was healthy. She got her shots and came home with us. She has been a member of our family every since. She's 3 years old now and rules the house. She sleeps where ever she pleases including on pillows. Everyone is expected to sleep around her. She is the queen of her domain and she will not let you forget it. She is quick to defend and quick to give you love but she doesn't like other people to come into her territory. She trusts few but when she trusts you, she trusts you. She is still tiny weighing in at 7 lbs but don't let that fool you she takes down a 14 lbs Pomeranian in a heart beat. Armalite is not afraid to take down a bug. She is not afraid to take down anything including toys or hands. She is playful and yet she is serious as well. She is a joyful cat to have around. She acts like a cat but still acts like a kitten too. She is a tortishell and is a fantastic representative of her breed. She will let you know when there is something going on and will let you know when something is going to happen. We love her and will always have room for her in our home.
Spartanburg, SC