Art of Fire Cat Chronicles

I don’t think we ever thought of it as rescuing. Creatures needed homes. We were able to provide. First, Bob who traveled with us. Then Alice from the summer cottage. Next Franny and Zooey who couldn’t go to the apartment and Blanche, found at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Somehow Tigger and Sam appeared at our studio in Savage Mill, and then Ben and Gerri from the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Moving to the country added Claude, Cookie, C.F., Dude, Peach, Velvet, Silver, Ringo, Elvis, Lint (she looked like she blew out of the dryer) and the rest of the resident feral colony we didn’t realize we were inheriting. The vet gave us Fluff, Taffy and Patch. Daisy, the dog, lost on a fox hunt, appeared and Lily, the abandoned Tortie came back from NY with us. An antique dealer brought us Romey. We added Sammy from the bar, Jack and Mittsi from the Maryland Renaissance Festival and Louis from Louisiana. Thanks, Mariflora. Dude just appeared. Simon was in a shelter and Arthur’s human had a stroke. Molly was too stressed for her family, Binky came from Texas and B.C. from the cornfield. Ella was in “cousin Beverly’s” garage and Mocha, Latte and Lola from a neighbor’s patio. Maggie didn’t “fit” her former family. Lately, it’s the ‘Clems’ (both orange), Heckle and Jeckle, Randy and Theo who lost favor with their human after 8 years, Monkey Pants from NY, Nancy (she has white boots), Cinnamon, Poppy, and Smokey. Jasper came from the Maryland Renaissance Festival and the latest, Abe just couldn’t give up his feral ways. Some are huggable, others are not. We don't encourage procreation so all are neutered. They each have a story. After 30 years all are here, it's just that some are now buried under the pine trees. We love them all. They’re safe, warm and well-fed.
Theda Hansen
Laytonsville, MD