Arthur is still Cuddley!

Arthur was rescued by Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue of Vancouver, BC, Canada from the streets as an adult stray. Arthur almost completely starved-he was found so weak he would fall over if he sneezed! Although being treated so horribly as a stray, Arthur has managed to retain an absolute love of human company. His favorite things in the world include food, sitting on a warm lap, sleeping on the end of the bed, having his head rubbed, taking naps next to his people wherever they may be food, and food : ) Arthur is an absolutely wonderful little man who is very calm and mellow (except at dinner time!) So although his name is Arthur and his nickname is Thor, he answers to nothing but a bowl of food and the promise of a head scratch. When we first got him to foster, if I put a bag of groceries on the ground he would forget his weakness and dive in, drag a whole loaf of bread out, tear the plastic bag and dig into as many pieces of bread as he could before we could get to him. Now he occasionally likes to touch things with his paw that he wants to eat but he's no longer so desperate that he ignores (his now) very good manners. For the first week he refused to leave the bathtub. He would just peak out at us over the edge and stare suspiciously. Slowly but surely, he ventured out and now he likes to be with us wherever we go, lying in all kinds of weird spots just to be near us. Arthur has found a temporary foster home with us and he will always be offered a cozy lap to snooze on. We love you, Arthur!

Maria S
Vancouver, Canada