ATM Kitten

i stopped to get cash at an atm, in a hurry, but i heard a faint sound i thought was birds, and the more i listened, the more desperate the noise sounded. i began looking around, and saw this tiny black ball of fur moving over at the corner of the bank. i got out, went over to discover a helpless, pitiful, little kitten, all alone and just screaming out for help. his poor little eyes were completely blinded by the stuff that had them glued together. actually, i thought he didn't have eyes at all. his little pink paw pads were scuffed up from clawing on the bricks trying to get in. i scooped him up, got my jacket, wrapped him up and hurried home to help him. i first took a warm cloth and gently wiped his little eyes, hoping he did have some, and after what seemed like forever, one little eyelid popped open, and this little blue eye finally stared up at me, and instantly, his fear left him and he knew he was immediately loved and saved. the same thing happened with the other one and after he could see me and where he was, i fed him some wet food and some warm milk. then, he got a warm bath, fleas picked off with tweezers, wrapped in a soft, towel, petted and loved on until he fell asleep in my arms. and, now over 3 years later, he is still the joy of my day. he lays across my feet if i try to leave, and greets me at the door as soon as i return. he sleeps on my bed every night, making sure his head or paw is touching me at all times. it took me days to name him. i just couldn't come up with anything special enough for him. but i finally looked at his beautiful black and white coat, and Tux came to my mind, i hadn't heard it anywhere before, but i thought it was perfect, cause he's just so handsome, and he's fancy all the time!
Julie Justus
Clarksburg, WV