Baby Blue

While taking a neighborhood walk, I found 5 kittens in a yard and the people who lived there gladly gave them to me. They even gave me a cardboard box to put them in! I had no car, and it was too far to walk home with 5 kittens in a box, so I called a taxi to take them to my vet. After several days at the vets, I was allowed to take them home, but I had to quarantine them from my other 2 cats so I set up a huge dog crate for them. I found homes for all of them except Blue and his brother, who had one eye. The top picture is Blue as a baby, and the bottom picture as a adult cat. He had many health problems in his life but always pulled through, except for the last health emergency, to which he succumbed at age 14. I'll see you on the rainbow bridge, my baby Blue!
rahway, NJ