Baby Domino's Story and Canine Diabetes Awareness

Domino has been with me since I was ten. We adopted her from an animal shelter and I honestly think she picked me, considering I was the only one she didn't cower from. It was said she had been there for close to a month, which is a miracle for any dog. I'm guessing if we hadn't adopted her she would have been put to sleep soon after. Four years ago she developed diabetes and ended up going blind, but we never gave up on her and you wouldn't believe how well she got around. Last year she had some complications from diabetes and I had to rush her lifeless body to the vet during the rainy night. The vet warned me of all the possibilities and I understood that she could pass that night. As she always has, Domino pulled through, someway somehow. As long as she keeps fighting, we'll fight with her. Domino has been with me during many stages of my life and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Unfortunately, on July 22, 2016 we had to put Domino to sleep. She was slowly getting worse and I didn't want her to suffer, there was nothing we could do to help her. I held onto her as she peacefully passed on. She lived a long life of 13 years and celebrated many birthdays with me. If we hadn't adopted her when I was a kid, she may have never made it past 10 months old. She wasn't the friendliest dog at the shelter, but somehow I knew she was meant for me and we ended up being like sisters. She changed my life in so many ways and has taught me so much, I never would have made it without her. We did our best to make her comfortable until she let us know that it was her time. I find peace knowing that she is no longer fighting her diabetes and she is set free. Please do research on diabetes in dogs and share the information in memory of Domino. Love, Saralyn
Saralyn Lockheart
Somerset, KY