Backyard Bo

While prepping my backyard for spring, I was taking the tarp off my large wooden swing. As I pulled, something came running out from under it and straight for the bushes. I assumed it was a squirrel until I heard a meow. Checking it out this beautiful Torti kitten came straight out. I held my hand out and she came right up to me. I checked for a collar and tag. She had none. I got her some food and water. She ate it right up and jumped in my lap, purring and wanting attention. She had belonged to someone at some point. She was too loving to be feral. That's when I noticed the fleas! I have two 9 years old rescue cats that would not want a sister & I can't afford the care of a 3rd one. I called a friend who manages a rescue called Stray Cat Blues in Colmar, PA and she said bring her over. They took her to the vet and discovered she was actually 2 years old and was tagged in Kentucky. No owner address just the ASPCA were she was chipped. And they had no adoption records on her, other than she was taken to a Petstore in Philadelphia area. The rescue spayed her , de-wormed and defleaed her. Plus got rid of the tapeworm that made her so small. I got to spend a day with Bo before going off to her Forever Home. It was my 1st rescue and I was sad to see her go, but she now has a great home
Thom Ryan
Philadelphia, PA