I was on the computer at work one day (yes I was supposed to be working) and found a litter of pups (4) that were in need of rescue and fell in love with all of them...however, the information stated that only Charlotte, NC people apply, no out of town applicants taken. Well, that didn't stop me. I live 3 hours away and sent an e-mail asking why I couldn't apply. The response was understandable..."we work with vets in the area for spaying and neutering and this is part of the $200.00 fee, plus we have to have a home visit before letting you adopt." I wasn't about to give up so I wrote back..."I will have him neutered and pay for it myself and you can keep all of the money as a donation." Well, after that e-mail, they knew I was serious about adopting this adorable puppy who needed a home. The adoption center had a local lady come for the home visit. That was on a Tuesday. Two days later, I got the call I had been waiting for..."your application has been approve." I was elated to say the least. 2 days after that call, I headed to Waxhaw, NC to get my little boy ( 3 hour trip by myself). I was so excited I could hardly stand myself. That was January 31, 2008. I was true to my word, I had him neutered, paid for it myself and have spoiled him rotten every day since then. He loves my swimming pool, chasing freesbies, playing with toys and teasing his canine brothers. There has not been one day since I have had him that I have regretted my decision. Adopting Bailey was one of the best decisions of my life. I love him dearly!!
Nicole R.
Willow Spring, NC