Bait Dog turned Beautiful!

We got the call on Xmas Eve 2016. A 7 mo female pitbull bait dog was brought in with massively extensive injuries and needed a miracle. Our rescue, Good Karma Dog Rescue in NJ, agreed to take her in. After a week of hospitalization, touch and go, emotional rollercoaster, Hope came home from the hospital on NY Eve. We knew next to nothing about her except she was hung upside down and used for bait for other aggressive dogs. But she was on the mend. Turned out she loved EVERY dog in her foster home. 4 other adult rescued pitties, male and female. Every puppy and small breed dog that came through as fosters. She has healed completely. Body, mind and spirit. She is my hero. I wish I could live as forgiving, trusting and loving as she is. I admire and envy her all at once! Never stop believeing in HOPE because miracles happen every day!
Barb Blackman
Voorhees, NJ