Beautiful Grace

5 years ago,after moving to a remote property with acreage, we decided we had room for one more dog to join our dachsie family of 3. After hearing the depressing plight of puppy mill dogs, we were, one day, blessed with the news that a retiring puppy mill mom needing rescue was coming our way. We were told she was one of over 340 dogs rescued from a breeder in Houston. She had spent her whole life, 7 years, in a cage. She had never been in a grassy yard, had a toy or a treat or even a name - just a dismal life producing litter after litter for money. This poor 12 lb dog had had a cattle prod used on her and was so fearful she would jump in the air when touched. Humans had not been kind to her. When she arrived, we saw her beautiful chocolate brown eyes and delicate face and we saw the fear that she had learned after years of abuse. Sadly, her beauty had bought her a life of servitude - she must have produced extraordinary puppies and she paid a price for it. But her head was high and she was starting a new life. The only name that fit her was "Grace" - she is still the most elegant, graceful dog I have ever seen. Gracie inspired us to work in rescue and we have rehomed over 130 dogs in 5 years, sometimes having as many as 19 at one time. Since then we have had several puppy mill moms thru our home. Sadly they never completely recover the effects of the neglect and abuse they suffer. Beautiful Grace is still with us, older but no less the queen she has always been.
Monti Markel
Forest Ranch, CA