I was walking thru a store parking lot, there was a lady and her kids with a kitten in their trunk trying to give it away. Me loving cats as I had 3 already was just going to look at the kitten, and that was all it took BAM I took her home! There was this little orange ball of trouble, she had six toes on three of her paws and seven on one of her paws. Took her home and she rules the household, gets into everything! I have a cat door that goes outside to an enclosed yard because I live in an area where there are coyotes. Well Beelzabub loves to catch anything that moves in that yard, bugs, lizzards, mice she brings them inside!! She lives up to her name but she has her cuddly moments too. That little cat from the time I brought her home stalks everyone in the family including the dogs, cats and humans. When you see her eyes get huge and she gets down low peeking over something hide your feet!

Janene O.
Big Bear City, CA