Bella with an E: Mama's One Last Gift

In the fall of 2015, after having lost my mom earlier that year in May and having lost my Jasper and Ella B (commonly known as 'my twins'/ both cats) as well, I was not ready to adopt another kitten. As fall came around, so did another batch of feral kittens and along with it some healing in my heart from all the loss I had gone through. As I fed the feral cats, I noticed a little calico kitten that stayed close to her mama when it came time to eat. She would eat the dry cat food we'd set out for them all but every so often I'd see her sneak a drink of milk as her mama ate her breakfast or dinner. As the warmer fall days turned to the colder days and months, this little calico kitten would be very resourceful to getting food by sneaking into the house anytime dad stepped outside to feed the feral cats. We would let her be in to warm up and eat til she got her fill then she would go back outside with her mama. As winter came around, I noticed that the little calico was not doing so well. She had a cold in her eyes and she was coughing badly. I decided then that I would accept this one last present from my Mama who was in Heaven and who loved cats as much as I did. From that time on she became my Bella with an E. Today, she is a sweet loving lil girl who loves to run and play and is mischievous when she wants to be. She loves her belly rubs and loves having me hold her as she considers me her ‘Mama’ now.
Elmo, UT