We had always been a family that loved animals. My sister had wanted a dog for a long time, they had decided to allow her to get a dog. I was not too keen on the idea of a dog, i myself had a little bit of a fear of them. They went one day to go to a rescue centre as she decided she would rather adopt a rescue dog than buy a puppy. They brought her home that very day, a beautiful brindle Staffie. She had decided to name her Tinkerbell, at first i was not so keen on Tinkerbell. She had come into the house larger than life barking so loudly and happily that she had finally found her forever home. We all instantly fell under her spell. I became so enamored with her i eventually became a dog person. She became particularly attached to my mother when my sister left for university, when she returned although Bella loves us all we knew then that mother was her true Mistress, we didn't mind now that my twin and myself were moving on and out of the house we felt this would be good for mum. As the years went on and we had many with our beautiful Bella, 7 years later we had noticed that she needed to go outside a lot more to do her business, thinking nothing of it when it first started and assumed it was to do with her age as at the time she was 11. Eventually it got to a point where we thought no this isn't normal. We took her to the vets and did countless testing and eventually a biopsy. We found out she had a tumor on her bladder wall and it was too large to remove. We were all heart broken. After a few more months that originally we never thought we would have she went down hill very suddenly and on that day we all knew it was time to say goodbye. It still hurts to this day, a part of me will always miss her.
Samantha Clayton
Woodhall Spa, United Kingdom