Bennett the Puppy Mill Survivor

Meet Bennett, he is a double dapple dachshund. My rescue group, All Texas Dachshund Rescue, helped close down a puppy mill and I received three females to foster, one having a precious 2 week old baby. One look at this little spotted baby and my heart melted and I knew I couldn't part with him. Bennett was a litter of four and in a matter of a few days from an investigation trip to the raid of the mill his littermates died. I decided he had to have a special name, Bennett means: Blessed Little One. Bennett is deaf, a condition of poor breeding for color, but he is very smart. From the time he was able to find the dog door he began using it, we had to put booster blocks inside and out for him to get in and out. He was often misplaced in the house while napping and finally I got over being a paranoid mother and came to terms with his napping habits. He has learned several hand commands and has his own way of communicating his needs; if the dog door is closed and he wants out he whines and rolls over to ask out. He stays, comes, sits, knows the "no" command all in hand signals. He was five months old in this picture showing off his happy face on his pink nose, he is almost three now. He is such a sweet loving little dog no one would ever guess he had any type of handicap and we encourage people not feel sorry for him. He is happy and spoiled. One of his favorite games it to attack your feet while you walk when he wants attention.
Fort Worth, TX