Best decision we made in a long time.

We lost our Lucy in January of 2015. When we put Lucy down, the veterinarian had three 4 month old kittens in the office. The office secretary said they were born under her house. She couldn't catch the mom, but was able to rescue the kittens. My husband said NO MORE CATS! Said he couldn't go through that again. About three weeks later and having such a quiet household, he said, "Well maybe we could look for another cat." Hurrah!! We went down to the vets office and the 3 kittens were still there. She is a wonderful vet, and every year she rescues animals with her June Project (named after an almost dead dog she rescued in June of 2010.). Since then she has rescued many animals and makes sure they are neutered and healthy for adoption. We visited with all three kittens. I wanted the gray striped one, but my husband favored the red one. I didn't really like red cats, but I agreed because this was my chance to have another baby. I certainly have looked a red cats in a whole new way since Milo moved in!! What a good decision. Milo is the best cat we have ever had. He is affectionate, funny, and keeps us entertained daily. Sleeps on my husbands feet every night and is a good little guy. A little naughty, but just enough to make us laugh. My husband thinks he hung the moon. Wish we could've gotten Milo a playmate, but I am so glad to have at least one kitty in the house again. He is a love.
Pat Tennies
Rockport, TX