All my animals have rescued me. These two are my current babies. The dog, Cimarron, rescued me 10 years ago, literally put her paws on my shoulder when I sat down beside her. She had been found running around the mountains near Ridgway, Co. I had to wait five days to see if anyone claimed her. So lucky to have this girl in my life. The cat, Cracker Jack, on the other hand, was chosen by me at the shelter where I volunteer. He's blind, but can see shadows and gets along fine. After 6 mos however, turns out he rescued me. As you can see from the picture, Cimarron and Cracker Jack get along great. They allow me to sleep in the bed with them. I pray anyone considering getting a pet chooses one from a shelter, saves a life and enriches yours.
Jane Tiseo
Montose, CO