Best Twenty Dollars We Ever Spent

Four years ago my fiance and I decided to go to our county's Pet Expo. We did not go looking for a dog but Buster found us. We saw a booth that had dogs up for adoption for twenty dollars. We saw a terrier mix who they thought was around a year and a half old laying in a crate. We both instantly thought he was really cute so we went over to pet him. When he stood up we noticed he was missing his back right leg. We asked the shelter what had happened and they said he had been hit by a car and they had just amputated his leg three days prior. He still had stitches in his nub and you could tell he was in a bit of pain but he was still so friendly and already getting around so well. We decided right then and there to adopt him. We got him a few hours before the expo closed and it was the last day of the event. We were worried if we didn't get him no one else would and he would end up being euthanized. We took him to the vet the next day and our twenty dollar dog quickly became much more expensive.The vet was furious that the shelter gave him to us with no antibiotics or pain medication. He was severely dehydrated and was also almost fifteen pounds underweight. We got him antibiotics, fluids, and pain medication and in about two weeks he was pretty much recovered! Buster is such an amazing and affectionate dog and we love and spoil him so much. We had no idea what to expect when we got a three legged dog but having him is no different than having a dog with four legs except for that sometimes he stands on his front two paws like he's doing a handstand to pee! We love him so much! Please give special needs dogs a chance!! They will love you just as much as any other dog!
Garden Grove, CA