Big Ben in Mississauga Ontario

It was February 1, 2009 and the Pittsburgh Steelers were taking on the Arizona Cardinals in the 43rd Super Bowl in Tampa Bay Florida. All the way in Mississauga Ontario our home was decked out in Steelers gear and I was cheering on my team. Why? Not only am I from Pittsburgh this game had a lot riding on it. For 3 months I had been begging my husband for a dog and he wouldn't cave. But... one day he came home from work and said "ok I will make you a bet, if the Steelers win the Super Bowl, you can get a dog" I was so excited and happier than ever my Pittsburgh Steelers were in the Super Bowl. All through the game we were both biting our nails as the score kept going back and forth. But in the end the Steelers won 27-23 securing their 6th Super Bowl!!!!! So not only did the Steelers win so did I. I researched several animals and found the dog I wanted at a rescue in Selkirk Ontario. We named him Big Ben after the Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. We love our new one year old beagle and he is the perfect addition to our family.
Katie Brewda
Mississauga, Canada