Bitty Pittie Rescue

I had not realized it until after we had brought Jade home, that it was a month to the day that we lost our youngest dog, Sami at 2 years old. Sami was the only dog out of our 3 that got out of our yard and was struck by a car, crossing the rainbow bridge instantly. We were heartbroken, and the other dogs were too. It was a hard decision to adopt another dog so soon. A puppy would be too much with myself in school and the military. My boyfriend wanted an already trained dog, about the same size as our current dogs (55-65lbs) and high energy. I wanted a slightly smaller dog, high energy, and I didn't care about taking the time to train a younger dog because of our cat. I looked at several rescues and shelters until I found a pit-mix named Lady, and when I read her story, my heart shattered. She was six years old, and an owner surrender. Her owner had become bedridden, and the daughter brought her in. They listed her as crate/house trained and good with cats. I had to go meet her. She was so shy & scared in the room, but gave me all kinds of sweet kisses. She perked up on the leash and loved the kids that were visiting the shelter while I was there too. Her heart was just too big to be kept there a minute longer. We were supposed to come back and get her a couple of days after meeting her, but I couldn't stand to wait that long. We brought her home that night. Now she runs wild outside, playing as if she were 6 months old instead of 6 years, and is the calmest cuddle-bug inside the house. We renamed her to Jade, for the beautiful gem that she is.
Oklahoma City, OK