Blackie the Feral Kitten

Blackie was deposited at my doorstep along with 3 other feral brothers and sisters. Seems Her mom knew a soft hearted soul would take care of them. Well a year passed and Blackie almost a yr to the date decided to have her kittens in my bushes. some 6 kittens later. Being feral she had a real distaste for Humans, But i managed to win her over with feeding them all with meats- Iams - fish and water. When the kittens got to be 6 weeks of age, i found homes for them. Then came the chore of semi taming Blackie. i allowed her into the house with my 4 other cats, for short periods of time. And she now comes in when she feels the need- lets me pet her and will be going in next week to be fixed at my local vet. It would be ever so nice if more people took an interest in what is happening with unfixed animals and sought help to have them Neutered to cut down on the pet population and save these wonderful animals from starvation and death via other means.
Marilyn Thornbery
Kiowa, CO