Blaco Cocker Spaniel SAVED

My dad went outside to get something out of the car and he saw a black dog in the road , so i ran out the door and it was cold and raining and dark outside. So i grabed one of my dogs leashes and i put it around its neck and i brought the cocker inside my house and he was the sweetest dog ever and i noticed that he couldnt see very well! So the cocker slept in my dogs old kenel for 2 days until we found the owner! We gave him food and water an a bath and you could tell he was old. So 2 days later his owner came to the door and she told me his name and that he was partialy blind, his name was Snoopy. SO he went home to his owner and i had to day goodby. He was all black and had like almost blue eyes like you can see in the pic of Snoopy!
melbourne, FL