BLT'er - Buddy Luuuuv

We met Buddy four years ago, outside our old apartment. He showed up one day out of nowhere, and although he was sweet, he would not get close enough for us to pet him. We saw construction workers had been feeding him - a clear indication he didn't have a home. My boyfriend put out water and tried to feed him bread (yes, BREAD, to a CAT). We ended up going to the gas station and got food.The next night, he was still there, and finally came close enough to let us pet him. You could feel every last bone in his skinny little body, his ribs, his spine, everything, that is how emaciated he was. Neutered and declawed, we realized he didn't have much of a shot of catching his own food or surviving much longer, so we took him in. Very sweet and loving, he wouldn't stop rubbing my legs or crying, so off Adam went to wal-mart. When he returned with $100 worth of cat toys, food, a bed and other supplies, I knew Buddy wasn't going anywhere. Turns out the people who moved out of the one of the apts left him, apparently to starve. At 5 lbs for a full-grown cat, he was in trouble! To this very day I can't imagine who would kick him out, he is the sweetest, cutest thing you've ever seen. Today, at a healthy 14 lbs, Buddy Luv rules the house, lives for his tummy rubs and checking out every lap and person who comes in. He is the king of the castle and we love him :)
Jenna Marerra
West Palm Beach, FL