Bo, my Little General

One day 14 years ago I was on a busy road when I saw two youngish dogs in the median that looked like Border Collie mixes. I ran down to the store & got some food to try to lure them into the car & two nice ladies stopped to help me. We got one dog in my car & tried & tried to get the other, but it disappeared into the field across the road. Our yard wasn't fenced at the time & we already had several kitties & since I passed by the animal shelter on the way home, I said I would take the dog there. He sat with his head pressed up against the back of the passenger seat & wouldn't even look at me. I took him inside & handed him over to the girl at the desk. I said, "He will be OK, won't he?" & she said, "I can't promise anything," so I started bawling & said, "Give him back!!!" She hesitated & told me he would have to be fixed, shots, etc., which I obviously knew (& did), & she THANKFULLY handed him back to me. My sweet Bo came home with me that day & turned into my "Little General," rounding up his kitty friends & washing their heads, becoming best friends with Waylon, Snickers, Twinkie, Angel, Bear, Rosey, & Sherlock (our other dogs that have joined us since Bo came) & generally just keeping everyone in line. He aced obedience classes & for 14 years he worked at his "jobs," patrolled the yard (after we got a privacy fence), & made me smile daily with his cute pink nose & funny little "hop" that he greeted me with. He was always on the move until he was diagnosed with pancreatitis & cancer & felt too bad to walk, & I sadly helped him over the Rainbow Bridge. I will always be grateful that I was on that road that day. Bo was my good & faithful little friend & I miss him so, so much. I love you little BoBo!
Nashville, TN