Bonded Bunnies are the Best

All three of my bunnies are rescued from The Rabbit Haven Chloe is white with magical ruby eyes and weighs 9#. Her boyfriend Dartagnon is the 6# brown lop. Kohl is the 3# little Hoto girl who is the star in educational events around Central California, and she gets handled by up to 65 kids in one day. Raising bunnies as indoor pets that are litter box trained and socially bonded to you is very rewarding and fun. They come up for pets every day, and they play little games with each other. Chloe and Kohl play a daily chase game, and Dart-man just watches the fun. When bunnies are happy they jump in the air and do acrobatic moves called binkies. When they are content, they stretch out all four paws and make their bodies real long and skinny. They also flop on their sides at a moment's notice, then jump back up to play some more. Indoor bunnies are much healthier and live much twice as long as bunnies kept outside in a hutch or loose in a backyard. Besides protecting them from predators and pests that carry diseases, they are safer from the weather, and they are happier living with you and becoming part of the family. Two of my bunnies are lap bunnies and enjoy sitting on the couch to watch TV with me or snuggling in my arms and giving me kisses. I can't imagine life without my bunny friends.
Cindy Marshall
Mount Hermon, CA