After living in my apartment for a few months, I finally decided that I needed some companionship. I spent, literally, months on looking for "the perfect pet." Then I found Boo. Boo had a few pictures posted by the rescue group FURR who had saved him from a trash dump where he had been the only adult cat abandoned with several kittens. His online description impressed me, so I drove two-and-a-half hours to visit him. During my visit, he was not very affectionate, and he ran and hid. But, for some odd reason, I adopted him on the spot. When I got him home, Boo hid under the bed for days. I was afraid he would be an introverted cat who wanted nothing to do with me. I was completely wrong. Now adjusted, Boo is the most loving cat I have ever met. He follows me everywhere and "talks" to me by making a slight undulating meow when I address him. Oftentimes, he gives me "Boo kisses," little licks on the face to show his approval. He also thinks he is a dog. He absolutely LOVES belly rubs. When I walk through the door he does the "stop, drop, and roll [over]." And he likes to drink out of the toilet (only after it flushes and he gets to watch it go around in circles) and go for walks on his leash. (Yes, he has a leash. I live right on the interstate. Thus, he has a leash.) Today, too many pets are homeless, and many of these animals must spend their lives in cages or be euthanized. That is simply not fair when so many of us have the option to adopt. To me, Boo has easily proven why adoption is such a great choice.
Rachel Rowe
Fayetteville, AR