When I was sixteen I finally convinced my parents that life would not be complete unless I had my own cat. After being a nuisance for nearly a year they finally agreed and on the ride to the shelter my dad reminded me that I could have one cat, and only one, no matter how cute any other cat might be. We could immediately tell that Sissy was the right cat for our family, she was lovely with a sweet personality, the only issue was that sissy was extremely attached to Speckles who had problems with her sight and could only walk in circles due to a neurological disorder. As good of a cat as she might be, no one was willing to take a chance on a half blind cat with motor function issues. We asked to see Sissy but those smart volunteers asked if we would take speckles into the play room as well to keep her calm. The bond between them was obvious, in the end myDdad was holding both kittens to his face telling me how we just couldn't possibly seperate them and must take both home immediately. Over the years Speckles has grown out of the majority of her issues, she has never seen well but lives a normal and health life. Together they have moved with me, supported me through thick and thin, they have gone camping and for long walks and helped me plant a garden. They moved with me to alaska and were there for all the breakups and tears. A few years ago we lost Sissy and neither of us thought we would ever be happy again. But after 16 years Speckles and I are still together, we still go for walks just a little bit slower now, and when it is her time to head to the rainbow bridge I know she will have someone she loves waiting for her.