I met Boomer initially b/c I had agreed to "foster" him. He had been abused, then abandoned, and was emaciated, had flea allergies, a very bad skin problem and would meow incessantly. He had been adopted three times and brought back each time. He was a difficult case and it took a lot of care and effort to make him better. It was difficult at first. The shelter gave us rotten medicine for a respiratory infection that he didn't have, making him sicker. He had claws, so we had to keep him in the den away from our other cats until we could get him declawed and vaccinated. If you ever left him alone, even for a minute, he would cry (hence the name Boomer - he has a distinct meow and its more like "booming" :) and he would eat every last morsel of food as though he thought there wouldn't be more later. Its been 3 years now (and a countless number of vet visits) and Boomer and I have a very special bond - I could not live without him. He cries when I go in a room and close the door without him, he follows me all around the house, he loves his blankie and most of all, he loves to give love. I encourage everyone to rescue an older cat, they are the the sweetest, most afffectionate animals and are very thankful to have a home and someone to love.
Jenna Marerra
West Palm Beach, FL