Boots (the name we gave him) showed up on my patio in September. I had 3 cats already and was not sure he was a stray because he had a collier. He would sit outside the door looking in at us with his front paw up in the air as if it were hurt. We let him in our home when it started to snow. Took him to the vet the next day and had him fixed. They said Boots was about 3 years old and gave him a clean bill of health. About a month later he came to the back door with his foot hanging, bleeding, and leaves all stuck to him. I wrapped him in a towel ran him to my vet. I could not put him down without a fighting chance. He broke his leg in 3 places, broken ribs, lost his front fang, etc. They put pins in his front leg but didn't know if it was going heal. I didn't want to cut it off without trying first. Boots came home on Christmas Eve with a cast on. This went on until Valentines day when the cast came off and his leg had healed fine. Boots is worth every penny I spent. Every night he will come on my bed and get right in my face for attention or maybe it is his way of thanking me. We believe Boots was in a fight with the Great Dane next door. I am just thankful that Boots had the strength to make it back home again.
Hope Brady
Dix Hills, NY