Born to Rescue

All my life I have been rescuing dogs. In the picture is "Skittzie." I rescued her in 1/07 from an elderly man that beat her, broke her legs and hips. She was withdrawn & it took nearly 6 months to get her to come out from under the bed in the light of day. Today, she is a happy, healthy little girl and one of my greatest accomplishments. Along with Skittzie, we have a pack of 8 rescue dogs. Our home, at any given time can have up to 15 foster dogs. Skittzie inspired me to do my research, to learn about the animal rescue industry. This past January, we opened People-4-PAWS Florida (Pets Are Worth Saving) and we nave rescued over 50 dogs, provided medical care (shots, spay/neutering) and are busy finding them all new homes. Financially we have had no support - but that won't stop us. There are too many "Skittzie's" in the world! Along with the animals we rescue, we help pet owner's in need to get their animals spayed/neutered and whatever they need in order to keep their beloved family members in their homes. By the end of 2009, we hope to raise enough money to open an actual facility that will include a low/no cost spay/neuter clinic. We have touched the heart of a local vet that is willing to move his practice to our facility if we are successful. We buy from the Animal Rescue Site to help other shelters in need. And thank them for this opportunity to share a very small part of our story. A lifetime of loving animals - they are my legacy to the world. Warmest Regards, Nanette Carter Co-Founder People-4-PAWS Florida
Nanette Carter
Spring Hill, FL