Brandy - You're a Fine Girl!

Brandy was found as an 8 month old in a city park in my hometown of Tulsa, OK by a friend of mine. It was a cold January day and when she and her husband drove into the park, Brandy was sitting by a large boulder like she was waiting for someone to come get her. When they left 2 hours later, she was still there. They were afraid she had been dumped by someone, so they brought her home and started e-mailing her picture to people to find her a home. When I saw her picture I knew I could not live without her! My best friend offered to pick her up and drive her to us in Arkansas a couple of weeks later and when she was brought out of the carrier, she looked around and immediately made herself at home! She is such a funny little girl, and loves to talk to us when we have been at work all day. She loves getting in boxes, suitcases, crates, dresser drawers, etc. and chasing her mouseys around the living room! She has a special little bed in our bedroom in the floor next to my side of the bed, and that's where she goes every night to go "night-night"! She doesn't much like to be picked up and carried around like other cats I have had. She will occasionally climb on me and lay down, but usually she prefers the back of the sofa or other perch where she can keep an eye on the dogs and catch a nap! She is such a pretty little girl and I'm thankful we were able to give her a loving home.
Jennifer Tripp
Lowell, AR