Bridging the gap with London

For 11 years we went without a dog. It hurt so much to say good-bye. In the 11 years we had two children and that seemed to fill the void. Our 8 year old begged and begged for a dog, every year we put her off. When a friend from work was adopting from the local rescue she invited me to come with her. This sweet little dog sat looking so scared. They told me she was an owner surrender at the shelter and they had just rescued her that morning. Her name was Snuffy and she was a 4 year old morkie. On a whim I put in an application, took a video and sent it to my husband. Snuffy was going to a foster for her 10 day quarantine and they would call us when she was ready. After three days the rescue called me and said the foster mom brought her back. Snuffy was agressive after her grooming and she didn't seem to like women. Would we be willing to take her on a trial basis after her quarantine? I have two daughters so that was a big question. On day 10 my husband walked into the rescue and Snuffy knew exactly what she was doing. She loved him! And he adored her! She loved our girls! But she didn't love me, or even like me a little. For about two weeks she growled at me and wouldn't let me touch her. We couldn't keep a dog I could never pet! For the first time I was scared of a dog. I called the rescue and they hooked me up with a behavior specialist who gave me tips on how to connect with her. Lots of patience and it worked! She loves me! Now renamed London, our little morkie is the best and she has a sister named Paris, a maltipoo! London and Paris! What will we name the next one?